Free Reads & Book Reviews

Free Reads

This is a collection of my work that is available on-line in various places. Please enjoy these tasters and then seriously consider contributing to their continued production by taking the plunge and purchasing one of my books.

The Oystercatcher Girl

The House With The Lilac Shutters and other stories

Writing at an Orkney beach, Gabrielle Barnby, romance, mystery, scottish islands, books, The Oystercatcher Girl, The House with the lilac shutters

Short stories

Listener – a dark Orcadian tale.

Jeopardy – all is not what it seems between two old friends on a shopping trip to Sydney.

Widow Kharms’ Guesthouse – inspired by a book on Russian Absurdist Literature. Russia’s Lost Literature of the Absurd Selected works of Danil Kharms and Alexander Vvedensky Translated and edited by George Gibian, 1974.

Hostel – two walkers find good company.

Sydney Australia Gabrielle Barnby

Flash Fiction 

Making of the Man – a creative response to the front cover image for Carrington’s Cases and the title A Lunatic at Large by J. Storer Clouston.

Creative response to 200 Years of Diaries, Life’s Documents ChronicledDiary continuationThoughts on Bert and V. and Fluffy and Thoughts on Miss Burke

Summer Void – a little story about hide and seek.

Gift – a seasonal short.

F# – it is very loud in here.

Orkney Archive, Kirkwall Library, 200 years of diaries, Dylan Stone, Gabrielle Barnby


Reading fuels writing. This is a selection of reviews for books I have recently read as well as events and activities I have attended or been involved with. If you have a response to anything I have written please drop me a line on this contact form. I take on a small amount of work writing paid reviews for literary journals.

Gabrielle Barnby, tea and florentines
Newark Bay, Orkney by Gabrielle Barnby

Flash Fiction

Last year I wrote flash fiction daily, exploring different genres and voices. The experience was painful, creative, frustrating and satisfying in equal measure.

In this new flash fiction blog I’m releasing some out into the world. Enjoy.



Spray Paint


Wonderlust – inspired by the walk to school (over snails)

The Maker – inspired by a photograph by Annie Wright

Margaret’s Lookout – inspired by a visit to St Olav’s Cemetery

Cutting Willow – inspired by winter gardening.


Acrostic poems

Khyber Pass



George Mackay Brown 20th anniversary celebration poems.

The Blessing

Here, now

Gold Diggers

Between Time

Left behind by others, we notice more.


Magnus 900 poems

Go to your knees


Magnus and the Crow



Romance, mystery, Scotland, Islands, Gabrielle Barnby, Khyber Pass, acrostic, Stromness, Orkney, poem
Poem, Gabrielle Barnby, George Mackay Brown 20th, Gabrielle Barnby, book launch, No separation, Alison Gray

Magnus 900, poems, Gabrielle Barnby, Orkney, 2017. Will you bide a bit longer?

Magnus 900 – a reflection on a special year. Film produced by Start Point Media. Poems/reading by Gabrielle Barnby, Orkney, 2017.