The Jewel Garden

The Jewel Garden : A Story of Despair and Redemption

The Jewel Garden, Monty and Sarah Don, Book review, Gabrielle Barnby

Monty and Sarah Don

This book offers insight into the fortunes of Monty and Sarah Don from jewellery entrepreneurs in the 1980s to entrenched garden lovers. It’s inspiring to read about how lows in life trickle out and gradually, albeit painfully, a way to live emerges. This living is rooted in the earth, working on it and with it, succeeding and failing without the human ties of guilt and blame, there is nurturing, joy and responsibility and most precious of all the recognition of small moments of joy, as one-time only gifts to be treasured.

A blackbird few from my blackcurrants a couple of days ago as I opened the veggie patch gate. We have bees making a home in our compost pile. Neither are even close to a gardening success, yet this summer these creatures have given a sense of completeness to the garden that nothing else could.

Gabrielle Barnby

Orkney, Summer, 2018




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