The Book of Blood, Vicki Feaver

The Book of Blood

Vicki Feaver

This collection of poems draws the reader ever inwards. Fever’s dexterity at handling topics and mood, and her skill in creating voices that are nuanced and truthful is enviable and inspiring. The style is unpretentious and accessible, not one over-burdened with references or obscured by technique.

The reader explores with the poet in her process of self-examination, raising questions about what is shocking and what is natural. This in turn this raises more questions, which perhaps the reader somehow overlooks because they are presented as manifestly true in the world of the poem – the toad is in the basement – we are wrapped in Fever’s world. We are reminded that anyone, once pushed, can fall in the water.


Gabrielle Barnby

Orkney, 2016


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Gabrielle Barnby