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Across the silent sea

This summer my new novel Across The Silent Sea is released by Sparsile Books. It is an exploration of personal recovery, forgiveness and family. The central character is Esther and just thinking of her makes me smile. If you could describe her as a flavour it would be ‘umami’. She is complex and rich, like laughter and tears together.

Her story is inspired by people in my family who have lived with chronic pain and fill me with admiration and compassion. The setting of Orkney wraps around the characters influencing their choices and values, integral to every aspect of the narrative. I want to share a little about the journey to publication and how my creative ideas take shape.

I’m not be the only one who has listened to interviews and heard airy phrases such as, ‘The first idea came five years ago’ when someone is talking about a project and not given it a second thought.

Of course some things take a long time…

Read the rest of my piece here on The Orkney News

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Gabrielle Barnby