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I’m delighted to be the new Maker of the Braw Words collection at the Hampden Collections where football and poetry link up. I can’t wait to cheer on all the youngsters who have a shot at writing or finding poems and submitting them to Braw Words.

Football and poetry are full of passion, they rise us above the every day humdrum of life and everyone can take part. You can listen, watch, play, cheer. You can try out new tricks, practice and come back again. It’s amazing to be invited to be part of the Hampden poetry team.

The Hampden Collections aim to celebrate, promote and protect the 3 Hampden Parks and all who played on them. Their overall aim is to make this area and the three Hampden Parks which pioneered and promoted the game gain UNESCO world heritage status. For more information on the work to date and tours of ‘Football’s Square Mile’ visit the Hampden Collection website.

I’ve developed a prompt that everyone can have a go with, it’s a chance to pick your best Scottish team and put the names in a perfect formation. Please share the prompt around and encourage any youngster who has a shot to upload their poem here.

Prompt No.1

Team Sheet

  • Write down your all time Scottish fantasy football team or simply a list of your favourite players.
  • Arrange the names in an order that sounds good to you when you read them out loud.
  • You can arrange the names however you like, one, two or three on a line.
  • You can use last names if it sounds better or you can mix and match.
  • Give your team a name – that’s the title of your poem.

Now (if you’re 5-18) please don’t forget to submit your poem to https://hampdencollection.com/braw-words/

Here’s the poem I put together:


Team Lifeblood


Souness, Strachan

Hansen, Hendry and Doig

McCoist, McGregor, McGrain

Johnson, Little and Law

Reilly, Baxter


and Steel

Gabrielle Barnby, Feb 2024


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