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Winter Findings

Last night the ‘Merry with Flame and Song’ creative course came to its conclusion. The session was on-line after unexpected heavy snowfall over Orkney the night before. It was a happenstance occurrence that both disrupted but also gifted richness to the session as memories of a changed world were fresh in participant’s minds. The final […]

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The Barrier Book Club

Weaving my way through fields and across causeways I headed towards Robertson’s bistro in St Margaret’s Hope last night at the invitation of the local book group. I was excited and nervous in equal measure as the wipers squeaked across the salt-smeared windscreen and the car came to rest . The Barrier Book Club had […]

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Guesting on Cal Flyn’s writers’ blog

A couple of weeks ago Cal Flyn generously invited me to be on her writers’ blog for Stromness Books and Prints. Stromness Books and Prints is a unique bookshop that is stacked from floor to ceiling with excellent publications. See the photo below – yes, it is packed with books. I warn you, this is […]

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Scotland’s Indie Book festival

It was a long but good day on Saturday – I was up at 5.00 to catch the Pentalina from St Margaret’s Hope to Gills Bay then drove down to Helmsdale for the book festival. It was a simply stunning morning, calm and rare. Scotland’s Indie Book Festival celebrated local authors of all ages and […]

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Across the Silent Sea – finding my voice

Hurrah! The book has been launched with tea and scones. It was a sultry afternoon, but folk fought through the humid Orcadian air and assembled in the MacGillivray Room to listen to some readings from Across the Silent Sea. I owe a huge debt of gratitude to Sara Bailey who hosted the even for asking […]

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Gabrielle Barnby