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The Barrier Book Club

Weaving my way through fields and across causeways I headed towards Robertson’s bistro in St Margaret’s Hope last night at the invitation of the local book group. I was excited and nervous in equal measure as the wipers squeaked across the salt-smeared windscreen and the car came to rest . The Barrier Book Club had […]

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Scotland’s Indie Book festival

It was a long but good day on Saturday – I was up at 5.00 to catch the Pentalina from St Margaret’s Hope to Gills Bay then drove down to Helmsdale for the book festival. It was a simply stunning morning, calm and rare. Scotland’s Indie Book Festival celebrated local authors of all ages and […]

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Across the Silent Sea – finding my voice

Hurrah! The book has been launched with tea and scones. It was a sultry afternoon, but folk fought through the humid Orcadian air and assembled in the MacGillivray Room to listen to some readings from Across the Silent Sea. I owe a huge debt of gratitude to Sara Bailey who hosted the even for asking […]

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A Constant Calling to Write

This summer my new novel Across The Silent Sea is released by Sparsile Books. It is an exploration of personal recovery, forgiveness and family. The central character is Esther and just thinking of her makes me smile. If you could describe her as a flavour it would be ‘umami’. She is complex and rich, like laughter and […]

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Book Launch Nerves

The book launch is coming closer. It has been set for Saturday 2nd September. To get to this point I have gone through many stages far removed from the original idea of the novel, far removed from deciding on Esther as the heroine’s name and the self-imposed challenge of a central character that does not […]

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