Workshop facilitation

My Team – Session Reflection

At the end of session, with the theme of ‘My Team’ on my mind, I observe a team in action helping Sam stand and disengage the breaks of his walker, as I try and disengage the brakes on his mind.

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A Lifelong Joyful Affliction

The phrase ‘My Team’ set me thinking about the teams we support, the teams we are part of and the teams that in turn support us.

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After session reflection

There is struggle and there is still the miracle of morning, and there is sadness and comfort in the quiet end of the day.

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A New Session

It’s November, the nights have lengthened. I am just over halfway through my creative sessions with Age Scotland Orkney and I am hot on the heels of planning my next creative session with the group. The theme that I have been working on is ‘On Waking’. It is the title of a wonderfully reflective and […]

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Gabrielle Barnby