Discovering and Recovering Your Creative Self.

Creative You

A course in discovering and recovering your creative self in companion with The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron

Course overview

This course aims to enable individuals to discover and recover their creative self. Each session develops tools for unlocking creative potential and explores barriers to fully accessing creativity. These simple tools work powerfully across all artistic practices from visual arts to performance arts.

Any individual who passionate about developing their creative approach, whether it is to music, acting and dance, film-making, script writing or poetry, tapestry, felting or sculpture, will benefit from this series of guided steps.

We will create a nurturing, welcoming environment that will support participants in a transformative learning journey that brings the individual back to their creative selves.

This course aims to empower individuals with a sense of creative strength and identity, to grow their ability to reconnect with dreams and plan new creative endeavours. 

Each session will involve a creative exercise, discussion and introduction to processes to support creativity.

There is an expectation of time outside the course. How will this be for you?

You can choose to do less, but be open to this changing and be open to revisiting aspects of your recovery.

There are non-negational tasks of Morning Pages and Artist’s Dates which you will learn more about.

What’s your creative history? What are you doing now? Your hopes? Dreams?

If you have read this far, then you are interested.

More importantly your artistic true self is interested.

Follow your curiosity.

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