The Oystercatcher Girl

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Christina’s story is about life and death, and the messy complications that increase rather than diminish as time goes by. The desire for perfection in herself and other people is in danger of leaving Christine isolated from everyone she loves. Ultimately, her journey to self-knowledge will be irrevocably linked with loss.

‘Set amidst the spectacular scenery of the Orkney Islands, Gabrielle Barnby’s skilfully plotted first novel is a beautifully understated story of deception and forgiveness, love and redemption.’

‘This literary, mindful novel has a spiritual quality and yet is firmly grounded in everyday predicaments of love, loss and secrets.’

Length : 220 pages

Size : Paperback

Description : Romance, thriller, mystery.

Copyright : Gabrielle Barnby.

Notes : Published by ThunderPoint Publishing Ltd

ISBN : 978-1-910946-15-2

Shipping : Free in the UK

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Gabrielle Barnby