OGC Book Club Questions

The Oystercatcher Girl

by Gabrielle Barnby

General Questions

Is The Oystercatcher Girl a romance?

Is there a hero or heroine in The Oystercatcher Girl?

Whose life changes most because of what happened on the night of the party?

What role does the landscape have in shaping the narrative of The Oystercatcher Girl?

Is there any of the main characters who would have told the story more honestly?

The title of the book references an ancient christian myth where the oystercatcher saves the child Jesus by concealing him in seaweed. Who is the oystercatcher girl in the novel?

Specific Questions

Who does Christine love most?

Does Christine forgive anyone?

Lindsay is the stronger sister. Discuss.

Alfred’s weakness is that he loves Tessa too much. Is Marion’s weakness that she loves Alfred too much?

Gill and Catherine are perfect parents. Discuss.

Is there any logic to the choices that Robbie makes?

Ronald gets what he deserves. How is the theme of justice explored in The Oystercatcher Girl?

Does Tessa deserve a friend like Christine?

Can Christine ever be happy on the island?

Gabrielle Barnby