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Salt on My Skin – Sarah Norquoy

Salt on My Skin chronicles Sarah Norquoy’s blossoming love of sea swimming. She invites the reader into her life with humour and enthusiasm, and rewards them with insight into a journey of personal change. Her prose flows rapidly with the warmth of good conversation with a friend. This is not a one disaster, one epiphany […]

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Selected Poems Kathleen Jamie Last December I found myself with time to kill in Edinburgh. I sought out the Scottish Poetry Library. A low doorway opened into a light filled space where shelves of poems waited. There was an atmosphere of communion, of wholeness and freedom. I picked up Kathleen Jamie’s collection. It’s range continues […]

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Travelling in a Strange Land

Travelling in a Strange Land David Park The perils of driving through snow provide an extended metaphor for the perils of parenthood in this deft and poetic narrative. There is simply no obvious reason why traction starts to be lost and it is impossible to predict, even with all the rational laws of physics, what […]

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Oranges Are Not The Only Fruit

Oranges Are Not The Only Fruit Jeanette Winterson Winterson’s debut novel has a brilliant title, poise and the unfettered wonder of writing that seeks its own future as it unfurls. The tumbling narrative is compulsive, juggling active questions like lit torches in the reader’s mind. Is the reason for existence simply to provide opportunities for […]

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Angel Elizabeth Taylor This book’s allure is powerful, disturbing and surprising, just like its heroine. But unlike the protagonist Angel Deverell the writing is filled with a sense of humour and is deliciously spiced with irony. An unsuspecting reader might at times find themselves in sympathy with this disastrously unaware novelist whose fortune rests on […]

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