Creative You

‘Unbelievable and one of the best roads I have undertaken’ 

‘I’m sure I’m not alone in not wanting this to end. You have given us all so many tools to revitalise and discover more.’ 

‘…now there is a real sense of urgency to create that needs to be heeded, regardless of where it might lead.’ 

Your hard work and support through this series has been a real delight, with all the different elements that you have included to keep us amused and active!

Creative? Me?

You clicked the link. You’re curious. Good first step.

In fact, best first step. If you are curious then you are open.

You are a tiny bit open to possibility. You are a tiny bit open to risk.

You are wondering what could happen next if I say ‘hello’ to my creative-self. I can’t guarantee worldly success. But I can guarantee you will know yourself better. You will become more creative. You will become closer to your true self. The self that is the most tender and most creative part of you.

You clicked the link. It was free will.

But there are forces that are not understood in the universe. This includes creativity. Your creativity. My creativity. Everyone’s creativity.

The link was waiting for you. This process may have been waiting for you for a long time. You may have gone through creative processes before and feel it is time to re-boot, to reconnect. You may have never, ever thought about your creativity for very long at all. Too busy doing other things. Doing is good. Very good. Turning up and doing is in fact the very best thing you can do for your creativity.

You need support though. We all do.

You need tools. We all do. To stay creative, to grow, to understand ourselves. To remove blocks that we can’t even see.

These tools will make you more creative. Which is good.

They will take you to your true self. It is a journey with and through other people’s experiences and generosity.

I’d love you to join us.

Read my article on protecting creativity in the UHI LitSoc Magazine – New Beginnings.

Get in touch if you’re thinking of joining the sessions.

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Discovering Your Creative Self, Gabrielle Barnby, OrkneyDiscovering Your Creative Self, Gabrielle Barnby, Orkney