Across the Silent Sea – finding my voice

Hurrah! The book has been launched with tea and scones. It was a sultry afternoon, but folk fought through the humid Orcadian air and assembled in the MacGillivray Room to listen to some readings from Across the Silent Sea. I owe a huge debt of gratitude to Sara Bailey who hosted the even for asking […]

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Book Launch Nerves

The book launch is coming closer. It has been set for Saturday 2nd September. To get to this point I have gone through many stages far removed from the original idea of the novel, far removed from deciding on Esther as the heroine’s name and the self-imposed challenge of a central character that does not […]

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Reflections on writing for fun, friendship and well-being

This summer I have been facilitating a set of six sessions for individuals developing self-management tools while living with long-term challenges in their health and wellbeing.

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Personal Reflection – Culture Collective Sessions

These sessions have been a journey, through autumn and winter and now into spring.

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Spring Foy

There was such a good atmosphere in the building, of welcome and of accommodation to people’s needs.

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Gabrielle Barnby