Carduelis carduelis

Carduelis carduelis ‘All of life is sacrament.’ I was told this central tenant of Quaker belief by a fellow poet and past pupil of catholic school. ‘I love that,’ I replied, and took a sip of the newly sacramental coffee in the cup before me. I felt glad for this small revelation, it chimed with […]

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Hampden Park – BRAW WORDS

Braw Words – The Hampden Park Collections I’m delighted to be the new Maker of the Braw Words collection at the Hampden Collections where football and poetry link up. I can’t wait to cheer on all the youngsters who have a shot at writing or finding poems and submitting them to Braw Words. Football and […]

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Winter Findings

Last night the ‘Merry with Flame and Song’ creative course came to its conclusion. The session was on-line after unexpected heavy snowfall over Orkney the night before. It was a happenstance occurrence that both disrupted but also gifted richness to the session as memories of a changed world were fresh in participant’s minds. The final […]

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January, still

If I could shorten one month it would be January. But then would I also truncate February and halve March? I have an eagerness for the light that makes these dark days a time of restlessness. Partly I wish to hibernate, partly to defy the bleak mid-winter dark and be active and busy.  To relieve […]

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SHIPS – launch day huddle

  Saturday was a gala day for the newly formed Scottish Highlands and Islands Poetry Society with successful launches on-line and at Waterstones Inverness. This week has been full of ‘feel good’ satisfaction at two events that both sailed smoothly. Just as ‘chance favours the prepared mind’ I think any successful endeavour requires a large […]

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Gabrielle Barnby