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For animals – they are happy with the simple things
For gardens – they smell of green and keep life in perspective
For the sun – simply noticing a sliver of yellow feels good

For my hat – cosy and warm, just like Sandy’s
For my lunch – it is good to take care of myself
For messages that make me smile

For my polish grandmother – I wish I’d asked and listened more
For my colleagues – it’s Soibhan that makes things happen
For strangers who lend kind hands when needed

For a cup of tea – there isn’t much it cannot solve
For candlelight – it makes any place cosy
For my daughter’s smile – more beautiful than any jewell

For laughter, and being listened to
For the picture my mother painted for me
For enough food in the freezer for tea

For the phone that lets me communicate
For the lessons I was well taught and still remember
For the chance to visit – because you can’t hug on FaceTime

For the birds – they come together when it’s cold
For the bright curtains – cheerful whatever the weather
For safe travel when the roads are icy

For the joy of having made it through winter
For the garments that are just for spring
For the things inside me that want to rise

For the tools I have in my hands
For the oystercatchers calling
For the awakening within

I am grateful for them all

Gabrielle Barnby

March 2023


Pen Pals, Age Scotland Orkney, Victoria Street, Kirkwall 

Culture Collective, Creative Islands Network, Gabrielle Barnby, Pier Arts Centre
Gabrielle Barnby