Flash Fiction


Homespun stockings itch. With the least feeling of warmth they rub my legs like a bear’s skin. Although I have not met or touched a real bear, I know they exist: white in the arctic where the whales swim, and brown in the forests where the trees prick the sky. I have homespun stockings. Today […]

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Spray Paint

The black line rose and fell like a radio wave. He liked that. He liked the smell and the hiss and choke as the jet spurted out. It coated his fingers. He liked the smooth silver top of the can. This was a good one, good for circling round. He drew the peace sign, but […]

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She counted them on her fingers; one, two, three; like swans flying overhead with grey undersides and cloud bellies. One, two, three. A swish through the air, a brief, repeating, soft-whistling note the only thing that drew attention to the animal’s passing. From where she stood at the edge of the wood she had no […]

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  The night terrors explored depravity in a systematic way, although there were moments of absurdity where random objects and associations drifted like smoke over the tableaux of suffering. During the day, David worked conscientiously, planning with meticulous detail the logistics of installing a new wave powered generator. From prototype to site selection and through […]

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Gabrielle Barnby