Coronavirus and the Beacon

Monday, at six-thirty am was fair in Orkney, bright blue sky overhead and the flowering currents beginning to blossom – a foolhardy plant to come so early in spring. By the time my eldest two children had caught their bus and my youngest was walked to school the sky was changing. A short drive to […]

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Imagined Corners

Imagined Corners  Willa Muir A book of many woven narratives whose style and ideas are so broadly informed that it seems incredible that the novel was first published in 1935. There is an air of modernity to the writing – it has precision, it has deliberate ambiguity and it leans towards post-modernist dissolution – that […]

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Angel Elizabeth Taylor This book’s allure is powerful, disturbing and surprising, just like its heroine. But unlike the protagonist Angel Deverell the writing is filled with a sense of humour and is deliciously spiced with irony. An unsuspecting reader might at times find themselves in sympathy with this disastrously unaware novelist whose fortune rests on […]

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Gabrielle Barnby