Salt on My Skin – Sarah Norquoy

Salt on My Skin chronicles Sarah Norquoy’s blossoming love of sea swimming. She invites the reader into her life with humour and enthusiasm, and rewards them with insight into a journey of personal change. Her prose flows rapidly with the warmth of good conversation with a friend. This is not a one disaster, one epiphany […]

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Castings Mandy Haggith This collection of poems offers an invitation to the reader to walk, sail or simply drift away. The poems are separated into three sections: Casting Ashore, Casting Off and Casting Adrift and range from acutely observational and tender to political and pragmatic. Opening with Loch Roe Calm Haggith sets the tone of […]

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Found, Under the Bridge.

Found, Under the Bridge Being the lost sheep isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. It has happened more than once to me as you might have guessed already, because you are the one who found me today. Who lit the match in the dark beneath the bridge. The riverbed is long since dry, the […]

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Coronavirus and the Football

Coronavirus and the Football It might surprise you to know that I love playing football. This is awkward for me to ever do; it is a pleasure rarely enjoyed. Why? Because, here it is: I am forty-three and of modest fitness, I have four children who I lovingly (used to) shift here and there and […]

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Coronavirus and the Beacon

Monday, at six-thirty am was fair in Orkney, bright blue sky overhead and the flowering currents beginning to blossom – a foolhardy plant to come so early in spring. By the time my eldest two children had caught their bus and my youngest was walked to school the sky was changing. A short drive to […]

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Gabrielle Barnby